Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist mala beads, the timeless beauty of the healing stones and the philosophy of the positive intentions, the KoruGuru Mala necklaces can be used as a meditation help as well as a beautiful piece of jewellery that stands out and makes you feel special.

Add to that the knowledge about the crystals, the colour code and the intentions with which they were created and you will get yourself one powerful string of beads that can help you bring your thoughts into reality.

What are Mala necklaces?

Mala beads and Mala necklaces have traditionally been used in the Eastern religions for meditation purposes and saying mantras, in the same way as rosary chains have been used in Western religions for calming the mind and saying the prayers.

You can view these necklaces as an original ornamental accessory, a powerful amulet or a sort of post-it to remind you to keep your thoughts in check and focused on the desired outcome – whatever your opinion is, you are right, because as you think so you are, and as are your thoughts, so is your world.

What is YOUR intention?

Pick your own KoruGuru necklace that will make you look good, feel good and think good.


Orange & Red Garnet, Carnelian & Rudraksha

"I am fully present in the now. I believe that everything has a solution. I think outside the box and I am open to new possibilities."



Rhodochrosite, Rose quartz & Rudraksha

"I love myself and radiate unconditional love out to the rest of the world."


Turquoise, Citrine & Rudraksha

"I live in a deeply enriched way -  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."


Our 12 Intentions Mala Collection

The best way to decide what you need is to visit our shop and follow your intuition. Tune in with your inner thoughts and feel the stones.