Chances are you have heard about the Law of Attraction more than once. It is also very possible that you have tried to manifest something, and having failed at it, lost your hope in this magic. Yet, we are constantly told that we are all manifesting machines and that manifesting, in fact, isn’t even that hard. This school of thought is very popular in the new millennium and yet it’s far from being new – this idea that people have amazing manifesting powers has been alive for centuries, even millennia, it was simply protected by secret societies that wanted to keep the knowledge only within their initiated circle.

The secret is however very simple: in order to be a great manifestor, you only need to know and recognise who you are at your core and to express that out to the world. The harder part consists of stripping all the toxic layers, harmful conditioning, judging thoughts and negative emotions that have stuck to your pure self and that sabotage your manifesting. Give yourself the greatest gift of all and recognize that you are an all-powerful being of light and joy. Count your blessings and feel deep gratitude for what you are, instead of concentrating on what you lack. Reflecting thus to the outer world that all your needs are already met draws back to you a bounty of good things.

Another key issue that has probably caused a great many people to lose their faith in the Law of Attraction, is dispassionate detachment. We often get emotionally invested in the outcome, judging ourselves by the success or the failure of achieving what we think we most need, thus dooming the whole process to fail from the start. Instead of being emotionally invested, we should be emotionally involved – which is a different thing altogether!  We should be feeling joy and happiness, as if the result has already been achieved, going with the flow and trusting that whatever happens is supposed to happen, letting go yet staying open to receive. Sometimes all it takes, is just to accept the idea that perhaps what you so desperately desire isn’t the thing that you actually need – from the Universe’s point of view (and as hard as it is to swallow, the Universe does know better :)) Allow that thought and your life will open up to incredible serendipitous synchronicity and everyday miracles.

That’s the recipe: relax, let go, be positive, accept … and voilà, all will be revealed.


The sunniest of all crystals, Citrine, carries extremely joyous energy that is particularly beneficial for removing the blockages and releasing creativity. Working with this stone boosts your self-esteem and helps you to put out what you most wish to attract. Like all other Quartz crystals, Citrine regenerates and amplifies energy. Having often been heat-treated in order to achieve its bright colour, it is an excellent example of how to go through the fires of transmutation and come from the dark place to the light one, recognising all the gifts of the experience. Citrine dispels self-destructive thoughts and behaviour and gives you insight and confidence before you can manifest change. It’s a perfect stone for when you have been trying to manifest something for a long time but haven’t been able to get anywhere, transmuting your negative energy and firing up your enthusiasm again.

The Nephrite Jade, probably the favourite stone of the ancient Chinese, is an incredible healer that has always been associated with abundance and prosperity and has been said to represent the flow of Divine energy into the reality of one’s life. Bringing harmony and happiness in all life spheres, it reminds us to see the stars, smell the flowers, smile to the sun and appreciate and share our happiness with others.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

As I think, so I am. As I am in my heart, so is my world.

I recognise who I am and I express it out to the world.

I count my blessings and feel grateful for everything I have.

I am an all-powerful being of light and joy.






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