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Finding love. That is something that is way above all the prosperity, abundance, power and all the other seemingly mundane issues that we often seem to want and yet forget the very second that our heart opens up to this beautiful feeling. Yet love is also the reason for so much suffering and misery in this world. In our 21st century, love seems to become more elusive than ever – the world’s population keeps growing, yet people are getting lonelier and lonelier.

The conflict between the idea of finding love and doing that in reality lies probably in the wrong expectations – we want others to love us, we make someone to love us, we change others into something else because we think that we’re doing them a great favour, we’re forgetting about ourselves and give our love to those who don’t need it. And so forth…

In order to find love, you need to become the magnet for love – you do that  by loving yourself unconditionally and by radiating that love to the outer world. You will manifest love by being love – by loving – not by asking for love, and even less so by demanding it from others. If you feel that your love life follows some bizarre script with the same old ‘heroes or heroines’ showing up time after time, you will need to work through your thought patterns and to try to work out the reason why you tend to attract the kind of relationship that is not making you happy.

In terms of unconditional love, it is obviously the basis for any relationship. Yet don’t forget that unconditional love should be applied to yourself as well – if you don’t love yourself, how do you expect that someone else will love you like you want them to? Boundaries can be healthy and will certainly protect you from the unnecessary drama, manipulation, victimization and trauma. Love yourself as you are and love the other person as they are – fully. Oftentimes loving unconditionally means accepting the other person as they are, even if we think that we could change them into their much better version. Sometimes loving unconditionally means walking away – both for yourself and for the other person that no longer brings the kind of love that you desire and deserve.

An integral part of love is forgiveness – just like with other intentions, prior to attracting something new into your life, you need to go through your emotional ‘cupboard’ and see what of its contents should be kept and what should be released. Forgiving and accepting forgiveness are signs of emotional maturity. We have all been hurt and we have certainly wronged the others too – consciously or not. Open your heart to the healing peace, be grateful for the love’s lessons (even the painful ones!), work through the thought patterns that you hold about love, and cleanse your vision of love. Find love within yourself and love will find you.




Rhodochrosite is a powerful heart-healer as its high vibrations help in dissolving old emotional wounds that prevent us from letting love into our lives. According to some sources, Rhodochrosite emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, bringing inner peace, soothing the heart and comforting the soul.  It radiates unconditional love and acceptance, as well as helps us in finding the perfect balance in loving, meaning that we give and receive love in equal measure.

Nothing says ‘love’ better than Rose Quartz, the stone of Venus and heart chakra. It helps you to release the internalized pain and to transmute negative experiences, leading you to new patterns of loving that will serve you much better. It teaches you to love yourself and helps you to overcome grief, if you have loved and lost. This stone heals you at all levels, including the karmic – it infuses you with the healing universal love and fills your life with potent loving and harmonious energies, making you a perfect magnet for love.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I forgive all those who have wronged me in the past and I accept forgiveness from anyone who I have wronged myself.

My heart is full of healing peace and harmony.

I love myself and radiate unconditional love out to the rest of the world.


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