ILLUMINATION Mala necklace


We are living in an extraordinary period of time, on the other hand it’s filled with utterly negative trends and ideas, greed, wars, superficiality and loneliness, and on the other hand there seems to be a great shift towards something inexplicable, with more and more people joining the global movement that guides them towards universal love and light. Our era is filled with prophecies as well – one day we are told that the world is coming to an end, and afterwards we are told that we are ‘simply’ undergoing great changes along with the Earth changing its frequencies. The one thing that cannot be denied is that there is a synchronised change in global consciousness and a mass interest in spiritual awakening, enlightenment and liberation from material and ‘lower’ needs.

Lifting yourself to higher dimensions doesn’t need to take you to some exotic location or to happen after some dramatic experience that puts your life into perspective. Being spiritual beings having a human experience, we already are on a spiritual journey, whether we are aware of it or not – the only thing we need to do in order to connect with our spirituality is to realise the lessons that we are meant to go through in this lifetime and to learn them as well as we possibly can.

Illumination can be achieved faster and easier in our age than ever before – in the past, one had to belong to some mysterious brotherhood that was guarding its secrets from the rest of the world and was guided to the mysteries o flife slowly and carefully through different initiation levels. These same secrets are discussed now in pretty much every self-help book that can be found in a modern bookshop and they can be summed into one simple phrase: YOU CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE. That thought in itself is as liberating and illuminating as it can be. What else do you need for illumination? The magic recipe is surprisingly simple: de-clutter your mind and your life, examine your core beliefs, let go of unnecessary things (feelings/people/thought patterns/..), give love to yourself and others, expand yourself and live in accordance with your vision and mission.


Charoite was discovered only in the 1940s, yet with its violet and lavender colours and high vibrations it couldn’t fit better for our age – balancing the crown and heart chakras, it helps to let go, guides through emotional healing, and teaches how to accept our lessons and to open up to the spiritual guidance. Charoite brings high spiritual energy and unconditional love, grounding its owner to here and now, and conveying the message that one is exactly where one should be at that given moment. By grounding high frequency energies into the physical system, Charoite is also said to transmute the illness into wellness. On a spiritual level, it helps to understand the deep connection between oneself and the rest of the planet.

Another perfect stone for our age is Sugilite that gives a marvellous sense of freedom and infuses one with inspiration, creativity and motivation to follow one’s soul path. Sugilite is said to protect its owners from the shield of negativity, instilling a love of life and faith in the goodness of everything and everyone that is. Wear Sugilite and feel that everything is just perfect.

One couldn’t talk about illumination without including Amethyst, the crystal of divine connection, purification and protection. With its mystical and calming purple colour, Amethyst is one of the main stones associated with the Crown chakra, as it aids in mediation and helps in connecting to the higher states of consciousness.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I realize the limitless possibilities of multi-dimensional being and open the gateway to higher consciousness.

I am connected to everything that is and by cleansing my mind I participate in the cleansing of the collective consciousness.

My body goes through natural healing, my chakra system is purified and aligned to higher frequencies.

I enjoy my spiritual awakening and am deeply grateful for my soul journey.


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