HIGH ENERGY Mala necklace


The manifestation of your desired outcome is highly dependent on  your energies – physical, mental and spiritual – functioning at their optimum. If your mental energy is lacking, so will be your motivation and ideas; if your physical energy is ebbing away, you will not have enough strength to put these ideas into practice; and if your spiritual energy is not at its ideal level, your motives for manifesting will very likely not be ideal either, which will hardly result in success. However, when you have all these energies in balance and your body’s creative energy storehouse is full, your manifesting will happen easily by itself.

Physical energy, stored according to Qiqong in the abdomen area (Dantien), is often drained by excessive stress or by trying too hard to see the results NOW – the two vices that affect us all. We should therefore address the stress issues where possible and focus our intentions on trust instead of desperate wanting. Keeping the mind active and stimulated will keep the mental energy high. In order not to lose oneself in the overactive “what if” – mental galloping or semi-apathic daydreaming that doesn’t lead to any result, one shouldn’t keep the mind too busy to hear its own suggestions, though – meditation is a great help in such cases. What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve – it only needs a little help every now and then!



Carnelian was the favourite healing stone of the ancient Egyptians and was revered and used for its ability to energize and maintain vitality by many other ancient cultures. It can energise any part of your life and by doing so, it activates your creativity and gives you both physical and mental strength to move forward. Particularly useful for daydreamers, it grounds them in the present reality and makes things happen in the real world. Providing protection against the negative sentiments such as resentment,  envy and rage, it can shield the person from other people’s jealousy, calming also the anger and replacing it with love for life. At a subtle level, the vibrant red/orange Carnelian activates the base and sacral chakras freeing up the blockages and releasing the energy needed for action. At a psychological level it helps to understand and to accept the cycle of life, gives enormous courage and assists in making positive life choices. At a mental level Carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception, sharpening concentration and chasing mental lethargy away.

Red Poppy Jasper has also been credited for its power to energize and to get things moving – quickly or gently, providing motivation and encouraging cooperation instead of competition. It helps to understand the value of timing and prevents impulsive and reckless action where necessary. Protective Fire Agate reacts on the level of the base chakra as well, calming and grounding your energy, helping you to manifest your ideas in the physical world.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I trust myself and my perceptions.

I am courageous, I take risks and I make positive life choices.

Both my mind and my body are fully invigorated.

I am filled with life force and vitality.


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