GOOD FORTUNE Mala necklace


Just like all manifestation, attracting good fortune into your life will rest on the principle ’As above, so below; as below, so above’, also known as the omnipresent ‘As you think, so you are’. It is therefore essential to be grateful for your existing good fortune and share it with others, in order to draw more abundance into your life. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this particular Mala is made in green, the colour of the heart chakra, the energy centre for loving, caring and sharing.

Manifesting good fortune has been associated for a long time with some prosperity-tuned crystals that have for thousands of years been infused with potent energy through the concentrated beliefs and intentions.

So why is the good fortune something that is always present in some peoples’ lives – who seem to be able to create their own luck out of the thin air, while other people are constantly struggling with poverty, failure and misfortune? The key might be in understanding that the abundance is not something that is given by someone to someone else, it is in fact a continuous universal flow a part of which you are free and welcome to become. And yes, you cannot get there without gratitude – being thankful for every big and tiny thing that you already have in your life increases your chances of drawing even more good fortune to yourself quite significantly. We tend to think that it’s only the big things that make us happy, while in fact, the life is enriched with small and insignificant-seeming events – it is only afterwards that we look back and realise how happy we were without realising it at that given moment. Therefore make a habit of paying attention to your good fortune today, and recognise the riches that you have now– particularly the ones that are not even connected to the money. You will be surprised to see how the Universe provides for you (as it always has and always will), even when you don’t to ask for anything.


Aventurine is without any doubt the stone of adventurers that are not afraid of any storm because they are protected by the lucky star. In many cultures, it has been used to manifest good fortune of any kind and along with other power amulet stones, such as Goldstone and Citrine, has been credited with the ability to attract abundance. All these stones have been said to draw the energising strength of the Sun down to the Earth and by doing so, to fuel up manifestation and to attract prosperity.

Another good fortune crystal is Jade that along with Carnelian was so much saluted by the ancient Chinese – they believed in fact that Jade could transfer all its virtues into the physical body and purify the energies.

Jade (especially the green kind) is the stone of good luck that helps you to connect with yourself, to see your true talents and your true value. It can help you to overcome your money issues by shifting your attention towards your skills and wisdom, integrating your personality with your inner resources, encouraging your self-sufficiency and raising your spirituality. Jade helps you to recognise that you have indeed much wider powers than you could ever have imagined and that all you need lies already within you.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I harmonize with the ongoing flow of universal abundance.

I take full part in the creation of my good fortune.

I am grateful for all my riches and I share them with the world.


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