Seen as partly magic and partly science, alchemy is a semi-physical and semi-psychological transformative process that is famous mostly for trying to turn base metal into gold. The ancestor of both modern chemistry and metaphysics, alchemy can also be a metaphor for a great psychological change. In their quest of trying to solve the mystery of the Universe, alchemists spent their whole lives in their laboratories and no doubt, understood better than anyone else the secret art of manifestation, as well as the hidden processes behind the manipulation and transformation of the energies from their subtle form into reality. Their main idea ‘As above, so below; as below, so above’ has found resonance in our current spirituality according  to which we are one with the Universe, therefore we can possess the same powers, if we only choose to.

Financial alchemy can therefore be seen as taking something that is less than noble (base metal) and turning it into something of greater value and greater quantity. It can be about money but oftentimes it can point to a totally different kind of wealth and abundance. All it takes is to recognise that no matter what hidden processes and cosmic powers are at work, you are an integral part of them and that you already possess all the needed internal resources needed for attracting even more prosperity into your life.


Goldstone is the perfect stone for manifesting financial alchemy as it it undergoes alchemical processes itself in order to be transformed from glass and copper into its final shiny and gem-like form. It is frequently sold as “the money stone” and being known as the stone of ambition and drive, it is used to boost motivation and bring courage into the manifestation process. Having gone through fires of transmutation, Goldstone can help with the introspection that is necessary for transforming dysfunctional thought patterns into more productive ideas. It brings self-confidence and positive attitude  and helps you find your inner wealth and use your inner resources.

Aventurine is often substituted for Goldstone in the rituals of attracting prosperity – indeed, Goldsone can often resemble Aventurine, despite the difference in their nature and origins. Aventurine is without any doubt the stone of adventurers that are protected by the lucky star. In many cultures, it has been used to manifest good fortune of any kind and along with Goldstone and Citrine has been credited with the ability to attract abundance. All these stones have been said to draw the energising strength of the Sun down to the Earth and by doing so, to fuel up manifestation and to attract prosperity. This mala uses the orange kind of Aventurine that is said to add creativity, to help you in manifesting new ideas into the physical plane and to enable you to live your dreams.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

Just like glass and copper create shiny Goldstone, so my thoughts create my wealth.

I am surrounded by the cosmic powers and I am an integral part of this manifesting universe.

My intention is focused, I trust in the hidden forces at work and I make the best possible use of my natural resources.

I am well aware of my inner wealth and I attract prosperity in my outer world as well.


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