EMPOWERMENT Mala necklace


Power is often confused with control and seen as some magic force that helps you control and manipulate others. It is in fact so much more. The power that we talk about here is not the strength to exert force but rather the ability to shape the world effortlessly around you. It is the power to let go and to allow – so that you can simply sit back and look how the universe brings everything that you desire right into your hands.

Stepping into your power is a joyful process that adds authentic meaning to your life. When you feel empowered, you forget about the fear and can finally risk opening yourself up to new opportunities and growing. Your creativity is stimulated, you realise the extraordinary power of your thoughts, and all of the sudden everything is aligned – your ideas, your beliefs, your feelings and your actions. When you radiate inner power, others treat you with respect, because they know at a very deep level, what courage it takes to follow one’s passion and live according to one’s own truthful vision.

The first step in the empowerment process is self-awareness – you need to let go of the limiting beliefs and realise that the power is already inside of you, it simply needs to be let out, just like the genie from the bottle. The second step is to find what truly makes you happy, your own vision, and to realise your own skills and talents that can help you in shaping your new reality in which you are empowered and happily living your dreams with passion.


The vibrant green Malachite is the raw essence of copper and it’s crystal that is constantly evolving, therefore it is a perfect instrument for all transmutational and introspective work, as it brings to the surface all the toxic and saboteur thoughts that you need to work through in order to clean the hidden corners of your mind and to reclaim your own power. With this stone, you can look at both karmic and psychosomatic causes that prevent you from manifesting your desired reality. While providing you with its protection, Malachite assists you in releasing energetic blocks and letting go of emotional trauma, draws off the negativity of the past and helps you to reprogramme yourself for a brighter future.

Rainbow Obsidian and Smoke Quartz act in a similar way as Malachite, helping you to meet with your inner critic and to re-negotiate with your inner saboteur.

Rainbow Obsidian looks almost black but when you look at it closer, you will notice tiny streaks of rainbow colours. A highly protective and grounding stone, Rainbow Obsidian is a powerful negativity shield and by helping you through your emotional healing it gives you courage and strength to face the new and brighter chapter of your life.

Smoke Quartz was known in the ancient cultures as the Stone of Power, and was widely used in Druids’ and shamanistic rituals and ceremonies. Its phenomenal abilities lie most of all in its ability to protect and to ground one spiritually and physically into this world, absorbing the negativity and releasing it into the Earth.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I step into my  true power and realize the extraordinary potential of my own thoughts.

I feel empowered and secure enough to add authentic meaning to my life and  to manifest my desired reality. 

I radiate inner power and  live my vision with passion.


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