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We often associate creativity only with being artistic or producing something extraordinary à la Salvador Dali that will end up hanging at some fashionable art gallery. Yet, creativity is something that we all are good at, no matter which brain – left or right – dominates our thinking. Creativity in this larger sense means,  in fact, being brave, taking risks, doing unexpected, the bizarre and the surprising. Worrying about the past or future failures and falling into the inactivity trap as a result are the things in which we all occasionally excel, yet these things are also great traps for creativity, because thanks to all these blocks and worries, the creativity gets hindered and the manifestation process gets stifled without any chance of producing the desired outcome.

So what to do, in order to break away from these blockages? Sometimes you might simply need to change your mindset – try standing on your head, walking backwards, playing with your problems and thinking outside of the box. Being an optimist that is always ready to be surprised, you will soon see that the problem is no longer a problem but rather a challenge and that the challenge has miraculously become an opportunity.


One of the most plentiful stones, the beautiful Garnet comes in many forms and colours, where the red and orange are the strongest creativity stimulators. It revitalises, purifies and balances energy in the base, sacral and heart chakras, helping you to dissolve the behavior patterns that no longer serve you, leading you out from the ‘stuckness’, removing the inhibitions and taboos, giving you courage, self-confidence and allowing you to do the previously unimaginable.

The Carnelian is one of those traditional stones that have thousands of years of historical use as amulets to support their manifesting power and it has an amazing ability to cleanse and energize (other stones as well). Restoring vitality, motivation and confidence, it is a great stimulator of creativity.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I am fully present in the now. I believe that everything has a solution. I think outside the box and I am open to new possibilities.

The flow of creative energy and the serendipitous synchronicities are always present in my life.

KoruGuru Creativity

Additional information

Materials used:

Orange and red Garnet, Carnelian and Rudraksha seeds


ca. 65cm from halfway of the necklace to the end of the tassel


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