CLEAR MIND Mala necklace


It is a well known fact that the majority of the thoughts that go through our mind are mostly unnecessary, unfocused and quite often destructive. They are deeply imprinted by the ingrained patterns that sit deep in our subconscious minds as well as veiled by our ego, constantly trying to make a mess of our noble intentions :). De-cluttering our minds is the first step towards taking control of our thought processes. Monitoring our thoughts might sound easier than what it is but it is essential to master that art if you are willing to take your life to the next level. Just like with every skill, practice makes the master, therefore you can start by practicing a few minutes at a time, trying to concentrate on your thoughts and sorting out the ones that you think are truthful, helpful and actually belonging to you. This process of clearing your mind will most probably reveal to you a surprising amount of thoughts that you weren’t even aware of and most importantly, full of  limiting beliefs that you will realise are not even yours. Filter these thoughts out, work through them and transform them into ideas that are more productive for yourself and your world.

Remember to monitor what you say throughout the day as well – when talking to others, we are so used to say things like “I never have any money”, “I can’t do that”, “I don’t deserve love”, “I can’t change my life” that it’s no wonder that our life follows those scripts to the letter. This is the best proof of the manifesting power, the Universe bringing to you what you are so eagerly proclaiming to the world  – even if you never believed in it! The good thing is: if you are able to manifest your negative thoughts, think how different your life could be if you replaced them with the positive ones.


Clear Quartz is a master healing stone and THE great cleanser, as it has the capacity to absorb, amplify and project energy. An incredibly versatile stone, it works wonders on the mind, body and spirit. It helps cleansing and aligning all the chakras, bringing peace and harmony into your life. Its ability to assist the manifestation process is said to be above any other stone. What is also peculiar is that this crystal is made of silicon dioxide, just like the human body, therefore its chemical structure is very beneficial for us on all levels.

Tourmalinated Quartz combines the magic properties of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline, where Tourmaline purifies the energy and protects from negativity, and Clear Quartz amplifies the energies that are focused through it. Thanks to this synergy, Tourmalinated Quartz protects its owner like a magic shield, sending the negative energy back to its source or transforming it into the positive kind. It is also said to eliminate the ingrained patterns that act as destructive forces in our lives, to balance yin and yang energies, as well as to detoxify the body, align all the meridians and surround the body with divine light.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I de-clutter my mind and change my mental blueprint.

I let go of my core beliefs that no longer serve me in my life and replace them with new thought patterns that support me in manifesting my desired outcomes.

My mind is clear and focused. I am open to receiving happiness and abundance in all their forms.



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