CLEAR KARMA Mala necklace


When talking about the art of manifestation, one cannot exaggerate the importance of cleansing – be it the beliefs inherited from our parents, thought patterns created by our own experiences or the ’baggage’ that we are dragging with us from one lifetime to another. Karma often makes one think of the punishment, in the way of “what goes around, comes around”, yet it does not have to be an inevitably negative thing. We can get good karma points as well as bad karma points, and the process of balancing between the two extremes is in fact the soul growth that guides us through the journey of different reincarnations.

If you don’t believe in previous lives, that is totally fine – karma can indeed mean the ingrained thought patterns from your past that you simply need to clear if you wish to be a great manifestor. It can be good, however, to think about the great plan that your soul had created for you before you were born – it is almost certainly that this plan included lessons to be learned and ingrained patterns to be changed. Your soul might block the plans that do not serve your highest good but it will not save you if you continue stubbornly to err from your soul’s path – that will certainly not lead to your destruction, but will simply be another lesson, albeit not a pleasant one.

If you do believe in previous reincarnations, you must be aware of the soul contracts, pacts and debts that your soul might have made with others during your previous lives, and that you need to take into account all those agreements as well when clearing a path for your current life’s plan. These karmic issues can often override your individual soul plan but you are here to work on your eternal self, therefore you are free to leave the unnecessary emotional baggage behind, let go of the stifling defences that might have helped to survive in the past but no longer serve you in this lifetime, and peel away layers of karmic pollution – all of which will lead to revealing your real and beautiful soul that has the incredible power to create its own reality in each and every moment.


A form of blue Quartz, Dumortierite is said to stimulate memories and to help recognise the soul-gifts and lessons in your past lives experiences. It will definitely assist you if you seem to suffer from a sense of lack in your current life. You can use it by placing it on the past-life chakras that are situated behind your ears – that area is thought to hold ingrained patterns from your past as well as karmic gifts, skills and wisdom. Massaging those chakras with Dumortierite can help you to let go of the past pacts that are preventing you from realising your full potential in your current life.

Clear Quartz is a master healing stone and THE great cleanser, as it has the capacity to absorb, amplify and project energy. An incredibly versatile stone, it works wonders on the mind, body and spirit. It helps cleansing and aligning all the chakras, bringing peace and harmony into your life. Its ability to assist the manifestation process is said to be above any other stone. What is also peculiar is that this crystal is made of silicon dioxide, just like the human body, therefore its chemical structure is very beneficial for us on all levels.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

I am a spiritual being who is having a human experience.

I create my reality in each and every moment.

My soul has an incredible beauty and limitless powers.

By accepting the lessons and the plan that my soul has set out for me, I can release the karmic past that no longer serves me, embrace the brighter future and find out who I truly am.


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