ABUNDANCE Mala necklace


Abundance is so much more than having money. It is a philosophy, an attitude and a strong inner sense of well-being. When you have achieved that feeling, your mind opens up to infinite possibilities. Abundance doesn’t mean living richly, it means living in an enriched way – be it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. We often seem to exist in a vacuum while waiting for the abundance to come to us, and yet, like with everything else, we need to value what we have right now and enjoy living in the moment. After all, you already have all the riches within yourself that are necessary for creating your dream life full of abundance. If you are full of doubts, you need to start practising the sense of resourcefulness and inner worth. Respect your achievements, feel compassion towards yourself for your failures, feel blessed for what you have and for what you can manifest. You live in a never-ending flow of abundance, you only need to reach out and believe in it.

The same principles apply here as the ones that were mentioned for manifestation: “like follows like”, therefore you need to remember to think positively instead of feeling self-pity and procrastination, to measure your worth by your experiences instead of your material assets, focus on what you want to attract instead of concentrating on what you don’t have. Do what you love and abundance and bliss will be yours for the taking, be grateful for every small piece of joy in your life, share your happiness with others and be a part of this never-ending flow of abundance.

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Along with Jade and Carnelian, Turquoise has thousands of years of historical use as a lucky charm that brings health, abundance and supports manifesting power. It might in fact be the oldest stone in man’s history – in Tibet, it was as cherished as Jade was in China. Used by kings, shamans and warriors throughout history, Turquoise has been considered as sacred stone in many native cultures. Its beautiful colour of an exotic lagoon can definitely take you to your inner place of happiness, serenity and endless possibilities. Turquoise’s “luck-bringing” capabilities are complemented by its protective powers, guarding its owners against accidents, losses, and other misfortunes. It’s also a great healer, providing solace for the body and the soul, supporting intuition and releasing old inhibitions.

The sunniest of all crystals, Citrine, carries extremely joyous energy that is particularly beneficial for removing the blockages and releasing creativity. Working with this stone boosts your self-esteem and helps you to put out what you most wish to attract. Like all other Quartz crystals, Citrine regenerates and amplifies energy. Having often been heat-treated in order to achieve its bright colour, it is an excellent example of how to go through the fires of transmutation and come from the dark place to the light one, recognising all the gifts of the experience. Citrine dispels self-destructive thoughts and behaviour and gives you insight and confidence before you can manifest change. It’s a perfect stone for when you have been trying to manifest something for a long time but haven’t been able to get anywhere, transmuting your negative energy and firing up your enthusiasm again.

You can use the following affirmations in order to set your intention when using this Mala necklace:

My mind is open to the sense of abundant well-being.

I live in a deeply enriched way –  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I value myself and my life right now.

Whenever I dream of something, I have all the resources I need in order to bring my dreams to fruition.


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