About Us


Our story follows along the same lines as so many other stories around the world that are symptomatic of the new millennium: we're not the first nor certainly the last people to suddenly leave the old and familiar life behind us and reach out to the new horizons, looking for something more meaningful. We too had followed the life path predestined for us by our educution, our abilities and our surroundingds and only a number of years later did we understand that no matter what was the title, the salary or the job description, if the road that were walking on was no longer satisfactory, we had to make some kind of a turn. 

It takes a lot of courage to start something new and we bow mentally to all those who have made a leap towards their new lives and by becoming happier people have made others around them happier as well. It's thanks to their inspiring stories that we have started our current endeavour as well!

While looking for answers to our questions during our own search, we have dabbled in various esoteric doctrines and at one point were even told our karmic missions by a tarot reader: a high priestess and an empress. Besides the fact that they seemed suitable for two strong and self-sufficient women, it was unclear to us back then just how exactly we were supposed to integrate them into our existing lives and jobs. Except that a few years later it all started to make sense: the high priestess is a source of wisdom and spirituality that she has to share with the world and the empress is something like the mother earth who puts all these ideas into the fertile ground and transforms them into something material. Which would make us into a pretty powerful tandem, wouldn't you say? 🙂


Why Malas?

For most of our adult lives, we have been fascinated by the crystals and gemstones, healing energy practices, Eastern philosophies, yoga and meditation, as well as the power of the mind to achieve the unimaginable. Plus being women, we have alway liked beautiful accessories. It is perhaps no wonder that at one point in our lives, all these bits of a puzzle - by some cosmic force - have decided to levitate towards one another and to be fused into one idea where we would be able to do what we love, express our creativity, enhance spirituality and share what we know with others. And obviously make some pretty things! 🙂


The name KoruGuru has a double-meaning - first of all, we are not aspiring to claim ourselves to the outer world as gurus (far from it, we like to think ourselves as eternal students! :)). To us, being a guru here simply means sharing the little knowledge that we have with others who are interested in the same things and continuing to learn in the process. As to the second part: searching for a symbol for our company, for some reason we were strongly drawn to a spiral since in so many cultures it symbolises evolution and moving away from the ego towards the inner self and enlightenment. Imagine our surprise when we found out that one of the oldest and most popular symbols of the Maori culture, following the shape of a spiral, is called KORU - which actually means "a piece of jewellery" in our own language! "Accidents", right? 🙂

Our creation process

We strongly believe (and also suspect that so do you) that energy is everywhere, from our thoughts to the air that we breathe, to the food that we eat and the things that we wear. That's why we like to make sure throughout our whole creation process that your Mala comes to you charged only with the purest energy.

  1. We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing our materials. Our preferred method is obviously to buy crystals and gemstones in physical shops based on the touch and feeling, but when it's not possible we try different international suppliers in order to find those magical ingredients that will make our Malas special. Even though sometimes it takes some more time and costs more money.
  2. We cleanse all our crystals and stones prior to beading - by water, sun light and burning incense. We could add the tibetan bells as well 🙂 but we think that the music with various healing frequencies playing non-stop in our atelier is taking care of the sound cleansing!
  3. We are extremely fortunate to be living in a peaceful, beautiful and quiet environment where it's easy to be zen and where the mindset can stay in that calm place suitable for transferring loving and healing energies.
  4. After the Mala has been completed, we charge it even more with the intention for which it is intended. We do so by using Reiki and Reconnection practices, which we both have learned in the past and have successfully been using on ourselves and our loved ones. 

From our soul to your soul. Fill your life with beautiful intentions.